Our Complete Home inspection

This is for residential one building and price amount is based on heated square feet. Detached garages are not included in the base price. Please select all the services you desire below in order to make sure enough time is allotted for your inspection. Please make sure utilities are on. If not, please call me before the day of inspection.

Up to 3,500 sq. ft.

Additional sq. ft. over 3,500
$0.15 / sq. ft.

Additional Services

Read carefully to determine the services you want. Some services are cheaper if performed at the time of inspection.

Radon Test (w/ complete inspection)
Save money by having the test ordered now so only one trip charge is needed.

Radon Test Alone
We will arrive, place the test and then must return again in a 2-4 day period to pick up the test. We will call to get info on getting in to place the test.

Radon Water Test 
$55.00 / test
Radon water test are generally suggested when radon air samples have been conducted and levels are 4 pCi/L or higher.

Mold Test
$400.00 / test
Order this service if you suspect the presence of mold. The test requires two outdoor samples and one indoor sample. One tape or swab sample is also included. Additional Cassettes, tape, or swab samples may be needed.

This re-inspection is only for those items repaired by the seller. We did not re-inspect any item that was considered working properly or was not specified by the buyer’s request for repairs by the seller.

Septic Inspection
To visually inspect the septic system and its components for proper operation or damage

Expanded Water Safety Test
$130.00 (price includes a $30 shipping fee)
Includes: Nitrate Nitrogen, Nitrite Nitrogen, Coliform Bacteria/Ecoli, Total Arsenic, Total Lead, Total Copper, Total Iron, Total Manganese, Total Sodium, Total Magnesium, Total Calcium, Total Hardness, pH, Fluoride, Chloride.

Comprehensive Water Safety Test
$170.00 (price includes a $30 shipping fee)

Provides the expanded water safety test plus: Total Antimony, Total Uranium, and Sulfate.

Additional Items

Mold Sampling Cassetts

Tape / Swab Samples 

Fungi Culture 

Bacteria Culture 

Per mile reimbursement
Some jobs may require an additional mile reimbursement.

Extra radon air test kits
Some homes may require additional radon test kits. Radon should be tested in the lowest livable area of the home and livable areas above crawl spaces.


Only one discount per inspection
Discounts can not be applied to lab work

Cash Discount
Cash is king and no credit card fees! yay! Limit one discount per customer.
Military Discount
Bring your service ID card with you and check this box! We appreciate your contributions to our safety and freedom! Limit one discount per customer.
Repeat Customer Discount
We thank you for continuing to use Beal Home Inspections for your home inspection needs.

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As a thank you

to the courageous servicemen and women of the United States armed forces we offer a discount for active-duty military and veterans. We also encourage you to ask about the discounts we have available for repeat customers and cash transactions.

Weekend appointments are available by request.

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